Soft Ambush

…the soothe smooth taste of scotch down the throat led to the intimate affection in the lav-a-tories,i love to call .The love-ass-stories….scheme of a skin is be keen or else you wont get out clean;it takes a lifestyle to play the devil but a chance to play God…….


….thy voice is the most perfect symphony in one instrument, more profound than any created by man,one with a harmonic flexibility and extraordinary intimacy ,even Beethoven’s ninth symphony dare not compareth….


Abs deep enough to act as pockets.
My Panda,he would perfectly pocket me with protection,
forget Idris Elba, his was freshly refined like a drop from Venus
brighter from the sun’s reflection before earth.
I had my own heaven right here on earth only better because it was in Venus.
my black panther,
a packed Santa to me…….

castle puzzle

Castle puzzle you are.
Beauty that creeps,
Beastly yet keeps,
Warm as winter and
Cold as summer.
And above all you are addictive as heroine…my story is special,not everyone deserves to know.
no one will understand they’ll just judge
So i hide it perfectly in a mask with bright light of beauty but sooner history will prove when i get weak for life that you did give your rib ,perhaps its time to give it back

Silent voice 

like the view of the ocean and waves ,color is blue but only as per reflection… a craving so deep lies a still light and darkness.Softer than an open naked tissue…..

Mistress to a gone wind

I wanna run from this storm but pain drains me in this rain where thorns fill the ground I run through to get to my peace…

perfect frame

…like lotion on soft masculine hands, big enough to keep me steady…your eyes speak more than your pupil; iris..
The thoughts engraved deep in me, my dermis-epi; vein even my aorta can barely filter you and all that could become in this colorful room with a dim mood…..

five minutes future

…beauty lies not in the eyes of a beholder , rather beauty Lies YES in the suggestive eyes,malicious intentions of a Beer – Hold – Her. ….

Watch your handwriting…

…..blinded by the new world era,grounded by the new age error
no one is perfect forever remains a fact so cast the first stone..before its too late ,you got a good man not pen so watch your handwriting ….